John & Evelyn's
Photo Album

Baby Johnny with his Dad, Grandma Boucher and his Great Grandmother

John's Grandpa
Arthur "Butch" Butcher in college. (He later changed his name to Boucher)

Bob and Norma Boucher with Johnny 1949

Grandpa Boucher on the left in his barber-shop quartet. Check out that hair!

This is an OLD photo! The young woman in the middle holding my Grandmother's sister is my Great Grandmother. The old woman on her left is my Great Great Great Grandmother. Got that? This photo taken in June 1892.

On the left is Grandpa Pruner (my Mother's father) as a boy. He is wearing a bible pin he received for memorizing bible verses. On the right, he is seen with Grandma Pruner as I remember them.

Dr. and Mrs. Rice-

See John in His Younger Days