John and Evelyn's Vacation to Maui June 20-27, 2018

Aw, Maui. Our favorite vacation destination. This is the view from our Worldmark Valley Isle Resort

The 79 degree water is inviting

Our favorite Maui beach: Napili

Time to hit the water!

The only woman I know who can snorkel and not get her hair wet!

We take the ferry over to Lanai island and rent a jeep. We drove to three sides of the island and only went about 49 miles. Fun adventure though.

We find the Kingdom Hall in Lanai City.

We drove and them walked to find the big metal shipwreck in the water. We got tired out so we called this the shipwreck.

I wouldn't be happy unless we rode some rough dirt roads. There are actually three hundred miles of roads on this small island.

At the Four Seasons on Lanai

Back on Maui John rents a 300cc scooter for a day of riding around the island.

Had to have our pineapple mango and papaya fix

Mango and cereal for breakfast.......