John & Evelyn's Montreal to Boston Cruise June 3-10, 2017
We arrive in Montreal Thursday evening and leave on the cruise Saturday. We are in the Sheraton downtown. This is the view from our room. We went in to see the old church across from the park.
Walking around Old Montreal. They had a small version of Notre Dam.
A ride around the town on a chilly morning.
Evelyn with Duke and Andre.
Statues and fountains are big here.
We walk the narrow Rue Saint-Paul. Oldest street in town dating from the 1600s.
No matter what ailed you in the 1600s, the cure was always the same..
Great view from the observation deck high atop a sky scraper.
Lots of parks and more statues.
Our first port is Quebec City. I climbed those stairs you see up to the big hotel.
The historic Chateau Frontenac
Next port of call is Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island
We took a land tour to two lighthouses and a winery.
Next is Sydney, Canada. They say the giant violin can actually be played. By a giant??
Now we are in Halifax. John walked from the dock to the fort and then around town.
John visits a natural history museum where they had a big frog exhibit. Frogs of all shapes and designs.
Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax. I enjoy walking through the tombstones wondering about the people and anticipating the resurrection!
Beautiful flowers in the Public Gardens
After a lot of walking (Evelyn was on the Hop-on Hop-off bus) I stop for refreshments before boarding the Veendham before continuing our cruise.
We had to be tendered in at Bar Harbor, Maine
Looking for refreshments
We walk a mile or so to visit a museum on a college campus. All exhibits were made by students.
Put your own caption here.
Our final stop is Boston.
In Boston we take an interesting city tour. This is where the Boston marathon starts.
A very queer parade was about to start, but we saw some highlights of Boston. The one photo has the reflection of a real old church from a modern glass sky scraper.
On one of the entertainment nights on board the ship, a juggler invites Evelyn on stage for one of his routines. That is what you get for sitting in the front row.


He did not neglect to embarrass John, either.

St. Lawrence River at Quebec City

Fort at Halifax


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