John & Evelyn's Trip to Bethel  August 2017
We made it to Warwick! This tour was booked well in advance since 2017 tours are filled. We are with 54 other Witnesses, mostly from San Diego. We are touring Warwick, Wallkill, Patterson, and Canadian Bethel on this tour. We have a congregation on wheels on our bus.
Beautiful lake out back  of Warwick Bethel. Canoeing and fishing allowed in the lake.
Most of our group
We all have headphones so we can put in a number of the display we are viewing.
I put Evelyn in jail. Actually she enjoyed this display since she has been studying Nazi persecution in Germany
Where is your hat, Evelyn??
Out in service with Caleb and Sophia
Our bus. Our driver, Tony, got quite a witness on this trip. He was given a bible and Teach book in his native Ukrainian language.
Ready for lunch? Big dining rooms at Bethel. They now have hundreds of commuters who travel to Bethel to work, but do not live there.
I liked this interactive HIS display
Now we are at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, right next to Central Park. Our tour guide brother, Louis, on the left, gave us a great tour called "The Woman and Her Child". We will never view Gen 3:15 the same again. Wonderful tour. We all loved the Bethel tours, but the tour at The Met was the highlight! This tour alone is worth a trip to New York.


The Dallas BBQ in Manhattan. Best beef ribs ever! Our tour guide, Bettima, in foreground is having wings. What?
We took a side trip all the way to Rhode Island to eat at The Nordic Lodge. Google it. All you can eat lobster, shrimp, crab, oysters etc etc. John only ate two lobsters. The record for our group was 5. Yes, Tad Henrikson..
Gotta be Niagara Falls.

From here we went to Boston and visited the big Faneuil Mall Marketplace. By request we drove to Fenway Park where the Boston Red Socks play. Then back to Elizabeth New Jersey and home from Newark airport.

Very memorable trip.


The End