John and Evelyn's Trip to Alberta July 7-15, 2015
We arrive in Calagry, get our car and head to hotel in Airdrie for one night before we go to Canmore for the week. On the way we see a Bass Pro Shop. Always a treat to browse around inside.
Evelyn has a new friend
Neat store!
To get a feel for the history of Calgary, this Park is a must see.
We took the train around the Park. This is an oil burning steam engine. The conductor told us that now we know where our old motor oil goes.
We get off the train and hop on the sternwheeler for a spin around the lake.
In the Park is "Gas Alley". A three story museum with antique cars and dozens of old gas pumps, signs, and old auto stuff.
After leaving Heritage Park, Evelyn wanted to tour this historical 1895 house built by the Lougheed family, prominent early Calgary family.

Now it is time to leave Calgary and head for our resort in Canmore.

Our GPS wanted to take us on Hiway 1, but we wanted to go on Hiway 1A. We saw more parts of Calgary before we finally got on the right road. (Yes, we were lost)


We check into our condo at Worldmark in Canmore-Banff, go to Safeway for groceries and then next day we explore Banff, first by taking the Sulpher Mountain Tram to the top of the mountain. Beautiful day.
Next we explore the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. First hotel in the area from late 1800's. Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum stayed here when filming 'River of No Return".
Nice view from pool in back of hotel.
Then we walk along the Bow River by the Falls.
Next we go the Cave to see the natural hot springs. This is the first National Park area in Alberta, Canada.

Then we walk through Banff, have lunch, visit some shops and return to the condo.

John checks out a bike shop to see about renting a motorcycle for next day, but they didn't have a bike ready and it was more of a repair shop than a rental place. He decides to pass on riding this trip.

To start Friday July 10th we drive to Johnston Canyon. Wouldn't you know it-a tree falls on a boy critically injuring him and damaging some railing. Trail is closed for repairs! A maintenance worker says the trail may be open later in the day. We try again later--still closed.



Off to the famous Lake Louise. Us and a million other people. Fortunately we get there fairly early and did not have to park a mile down the road.

But, what a gorgeous sight the lake is!


We looked inside the hotel and shops to see how the rich people live.

Then the short drive to Moraine Lake. Another gem!

It was amusing to watch the Oriental tourists in the canoes. One couple rowed right into a big floating log. Another couple right into the rocks. Amazing they didn't tip over!

We leave Banff Park and arrive in Yoho National Park. I got a laugh when Evelyn kept calling it Yo-Yo Park.

We are now at the "Natural Bridge"

The other lakes we have seen were fantastic, but this lake is the best yet!

Emerald Lake

Gorgeous turquoise glacier water. Our favorite lake so far.
Still in Yoho Park, we enjoy the Takakkaw Falls. Watch out Yosemite!

On the way back to Canmore-Banff we get a little late afternoon thunderstorm activity.

We stop briefly to see the "Spiral Tunnels". These tunnels were built in the mountain so the trains could handle the steep terrain. With the 360 turns, a trains engine could come out of a tunnel just above or below other cars in the train (sorry, no photo)

Saturday, July 11, we drive East towards Calgary and take Hiway 40 South to the Kananaski Lakes. On the way we stop at some beaver ponds (didn't see any beavers, though)
A stop at Kananaski Village.
John enjoying the Valley as we walk around the Village.
A little further down the road we come to the highest point you can drive in Canada, 7239 feet elevation. This was the Start/Finish line for a huge bicycle race. We saw thousands of bicyclists. This was also the starting point of a hike up a mountain....
The trail started out so flat and easy.
But soon we were climbing up a very steep trail. Our hearts were pounding and we need oxygen! The girl on the right kept telling us we had hiked the hardest part and the trail got easier just ahead around the corner. She was very encouraging, but also a big fat liar! The trail continued very steep without letup.
At marker number 4, we quit. Marker 7 was half way of the hike. Great views, but we were spent. With more rest stops we could have made it, but we just didn't want to spend all day on this hike.
We continue to the lakes. Most lakes were pretty full, but this one was low.
We take a gravel road for about 40 miles back to Canmore, passing more lakes, rivers and mountain scenes.
Sunday we find the local Kingdom Hall in Canmore. Small congregation, about 50 publishers. We were each able to comment several times during Watchtower study.
Why are we happy? After the meeting, a brother treats us to eggs benedict at a French restaurant where he knows the chef. Best hollandaise sauce ever! During the meal, the power goes off in the whole town. When we get back to the resort we have to take the stairs and grope our way down the corridor in the dark to find our room. A couple hours later power is back and we walk around Canmore and have a snack at The Grizzly Paw, local restaurant/brewery.
Monday we drive the beautiful Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper.

So many mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, trees and flowers.

One of countless lakes.
Nice waterfall.
The popular Columbia Glaciers. The big glacier has retreated over a mile since it's peak in the 1800s. Still huge.
We did see a live bear crossing the road.


Peyton Lake on the Icefield Hiway. Our new favorite lake.
We picked up some KFC in Jasper and ate here at Peyton Lake
North of Jasper about 50 miles we found these remote hot springs. Miette Hot Springs. Nice hot springs water. We soaked for a while.
This is an early morning photo near Jasper.
This photo taken out of our hotel window in Jasper. The rainbow was so bright we thought the hillside was on fire!


Well, that is a brief tour of our Alberta trip.


We learned they have no pennies or one dollar bills in Canada. The do have one dollar and two dollar coins called Loonies and Toonies. We had to get used to that!

That's all for this trip..

The End