Trip to Maui June 30-July 7, 2013
Here is our 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath ocean front condo. We can sit out back on a patio and listen to and watch the waves. Awesome!
We are in Hawaii! Listen to the waves and feel the tropical breezes.

John and Evelyn are joined by Benito and Yvonne Flores.

Right in front of our unit there are two huge mango trees. The ripe mangos were falling off the trees. Benny was having a field day gathering and eating mangos.
On the road to Hana......
Happy campers.
We stop along the road and follow this trail. Where does it go?
A "secret pool"
And one of many waterfalls.
On the way to Hana.
Moments before Benny gets creamed by a crashing wave.
Looking down on Taro fields. They are irrigated by water channeled down from the jungle.
Time for a "mango fix" for Benito.
Where does this go?
The seven "sacred" pools. Benny and John go for a dip. Refreshing!
Then we find the black sand beach. Only one on Maui, I believe.
On the trail back to the car after a swim.
We spent some time in the water at Kapalua Bay near Napili today. Nice. Then we have our version of a luau with some BBQ pork and rice. Yumm.
Today, July 4, we take a day ride to the top of the volcano crater and then to a tropical island valley. This is the road that goes to the top. We are above the clouds.
The top of the volcano looks like Mars. Very desolate. It is in the National Park, Haleakala.
Lets go inside.
We saw many vans and trailers taking people and bicycles to the top for a 20 mile downhill ride.
After the volcano trip, we head to this State Park to see this beautiful Valley with rivers. This area of Maui gets about 400 inches of rain a year. It rained a bit when we first arrived.
Look, a jungle lady!
In front of the needle.
I enjoyed this unusual flower.
John and Evelyn at the Valley Park and the next day at the Royal Waimea Hotel


Today, after snorkeling at Kapalua Bay we drove from Lahaina to Kihea. We wandered around the beautiful Royal Waimea Hotel.

The hotel had ponds like this one with many fish in them and 7 swimming pools connected by rivers, falls and bridges.
The day before we head home, Evelyn and Yvonne go shopping. Benito hangs out at the condo. John bicycles into Lahaina and watches the boats come in. Then he goes for a swim. When the girls get back we cook up some fish. Very Nice vacation.  

The End