Trip to Scotland June 4-11, 2011
After Dave Beard kindly picked us up at the Glasgow Airport, we head to the KelvinGrove Art Galleries and Museum. We thought it was a combination of natural history, Scottish history and art museum all together. Below are a few photos of the Museum.


Dave and Evelyn
Massive pipe organ.
Notice God's name on this large tapestry.
Our first castle: Culzean Castle in Ayrshire.
An orchestra was playing for us.
Since we got in on Sunday and missed the meeting, Mandy had some of the friends over. Very nice to meet them.



End of Day 1

John got up early for a walk around the village. Here are a view photos of the area by Dave and Mandy's house.
On the way out of the village, we stop by to visit an old graveyard. I mean old! Lots of early 1800's.
The remains of this round house are from 1450. It had 3 wooden floors (long ago gone).
View from the top.
One tank of petrol. And, that is NOT dollars. Rather, pounds! Equals about $150.
Our first castle today is the Floors Castle in Kelso.
Mellorstain Castle. Happened to be closed for a private function. But I managed this photo.


I didn't have a wide angle lens, so to see a brief video, click here.

Final castle for today is Abbotsford. Sir Walter Scott lived here.
All the castles have beautiful lawns. There is a river down by the trees.


We had to get back to meet up with new friends to see a live outdoor Shakespeare play. Performed by a well known British play troupe.


End of Day 2

What a pair! David just got his bike license, just bought his bike, never been riding in rain or gone more than a few miles.

John has never driven a bike on the left side of the road and is riding an unfamiliar bike. Off we go to Edinburgh on the other side of the country in the pouring rain!

Evelyn, Mandy and Dave's brother, Christopher, are following in the car. We plan to see some sights together.

We made it to Edinburgh Castle. The most visited and famous castle dating back to about the 1st century.
The Group at the head of the Royal Mile.
A few photos of the Castle. It has been used by nobility for many centuries and through countless wars. We saw the King's Crown dating from the 1500s.
I heard that thousands have died defending this castle over the centuries.
Check out the size of those canon balls!
Am I becoming a crazy Scotsman?


Another historic church in Edinburgh.

We rode to a motel and went out for dinner. I had to have a Scottish ale and fish n chips.


End of day 3.

Stirling Castle
Dave and John leave the group and ride to Crieff to visit the oldest Scotch distillery in Scotland. I know how single malt Scotch is made now. We had to hang around there for a while since we tasted 6 different whiskies (small tastes).
Here is one famous cat, Towser. Lived at the distillery and reportedly has caught 29,000 mice in its lifetime.

Evelyn, Mandy and Christopher went off to see another castle. Thursday morning we will see yet another castle and then Dave and John will hit the road.


End of Day 4

Today we will tour Glamis Castle and then head into the Highlands and ride some scenic country roads.
Queens View overlooking one of the many Lochs (lakes).
Glamis Castle. Unique in that the same family members have lived here since the 1600s.
Very few traffic signals. Instead they have Roundabouts. Some have 5 or 6 roads coming off them. We head for the Whisky Trail.
We stopped at this Pub for a pint and snack.




End of Day 5.

Tradition Scottish breakfast includes: mushrooms, beans, fried tomatoe, sausage, bacon (looks like ham), potato bread and eggs. Mandy had 3 days in a row. And of course lots of toast and coffee!
Blair Castle. Right in then heart of Scotland.
Really peaceful river runs along side the castle. Gorgeous grounds.
We did an extensive self-guided tour.
A stop near a loch and generating station.
Evelyn, Mandy and Chris toured this castle while Dave and John went into the village for a snack.
We stopped for dinner on the way back. Very nice day and setting.
Evelyn stayed for a few days after John returned home. The remaining photos are of the castles she visited.
Very special thanks to David and Mandy Beard for their hospitality, tour guide service, and friendship. They made our trip outstanding in every way.  
Also, special thanks to Billy Frew for loaning me his Honda VF1000 for the week. It was so great to ride Scotland on a motorcycle.  

The End