Elder School-Patterson New York January 25-29, 2010
John's study table. They suggested 3 hours of study a night, but after 8 hours of classroom time, my brain couldn't do that much!
Michael, my roommate. We got along fine.
Main auditorium. We attended Monday night WT study here.
Computer room with printer. Handy for printing boarding passes.
Yes, the time is A.M.! Morning worship starts promptly at 7:00.
My table for morning worship. Going to my right: Ryan, Ted Adams (table head), Connie, Hollie, Brent, Brian. Missing in photo is Brian's wife and Elizabeth.
OK, here is Brian and his wife (Wish I could remember her name).
Yes, it is snowing!
View out the classroom window.
In the classroom. Four - two hour sessions a day (except for Friday which was group lectures for half a day)
A little blurry photo, but these are the CBOEs from our Circuit at School
This was our last day. We watched Governing Body member Guy Pierce give us an hour talk broadcasted from Brooklyn.

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