UTAH June 18-25 2009


Here is where we stayed in Sandy, Utah to work seldom worked territory. 7 bedrooms, 5 baths.


Our group: John & Evelyn Boucher, Tad & Sue Henrikson, Christina Rogers, Donna, Kenny, Sara Low, Dianne and Debbie Jenson, Shannon Anderson, Shannon Brady and Triston, Shonna, Treena and Terran Rehkopt, and joining us from Wyoming: Karlie, Kaleah and Tonya.


In the pool room

You should see her trick shots!
Tad, please leave the kitchen and get Susie.


We ate good!

View from a park in our territory
Happy Witnesses
A nice home on the street we worked.
Another one. Almost every home and yard in our territory was gorgeous.
"The girls"
Sandy, UT. View from Little Cottonwood Canyon (coming down the mountain from the Ski Resorts).


Shannon Brady got a snowball and brought it back to the house and put in the freezer after passing it around so everyone could touch the Utah snow souvenir. Next day Evelyn gets a glass of juice and puts this "piece of ice" she found in the freezer in her drink. Oops! (Don't worry, Shannon recovered it) I don't think the snowball will make it back to El Cajon, though.

Nice river coming down from the mountains
Sounds soo nice
Shonna places four Teach books this morning.
Only 2 for John. But, beautiful day!
At the Kingdom Hall in Sandy, UT. 15 of our group of 19.
Tad preparing our group for the meeting.
Bible Quiz game.
After service we go to La Caille,  winery/restaurant in gorgeous paradisiacal surroundings. Geese, peacocks, bunnies, roosters roam the area. A river and stream run through the property.
Flowers everywhere.
I've got a spot for our house close by here. Almost like being in the Paradise! One young sister enjoyed it here so much she didn't want to go back to our house.
See Treena for video of this swan.
A "one-hole" golf course next to the vineyards.
Back at our house, Kaleah  putting in the last piece of our puzzle.
Our last day in service. Sue and Tonya.
Why is everyone so happy in service? Maybe because Jehovah is the "happy God"? And.. people here listen. You can actually have many Bible discussions. Is Tad leading a safari?
John captures a wild leopard.


Our groups service report for our visit to Sandy:

206 hours

108 Books

560 Magazines

1 Brochure

5 RVs

Studies? to be determined. Several real possibilities.

After service, we take the kids to the Raging River water park in Salt Lake City.
Let's hit the slides!
Shannon and Terran heading for the "wave pool".
John half way down the slide and his safe landing
The kids do not want to leave, but Water Park is closing at 7:30.

The End