April 11, 2009 Loop from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella to Kernville to Porterville to Bakersfield
I will start my ride from the hotel in Bakersfield. Weather is cool. 30% chance of rain. We encountered some rain on the drive to Bakersfield.
East on Hiway 58 to the turnoff to Bodfish. I will take the left fork to Lake Isabella
As I climb up the mountain it gets foggier and foggier. Soon I will not be able to use my face shield and visibility is about 30 feet. Yikes!
Soon I will be in a thick fog cloud.
But then, suddenly I get out of the fog and it is green everywhere on the way to Lake Isabella.
I will wind down this road to the Lake in the distance.
There were people fishing from the shore. Fairly large lake.
OK, I arrive in Kernville and decide to follow the Kern River up to the giant Sequoias. 27 miles later I find the road closed!. It won't open until May 1. Bummer. Lesson learned: Call ahead to see if roads are open! But, the ride here and back was spectacular! Very little traffic and I could ZOOM around the curves!
That is where I wanted to go!
This road goes to Hiway 395, but sign said it was closed in 25 miles. Another day I will ride it.
So, back to Kernville.
This is the road that follows the Kern River. Awesome ride!
A stop along the River.
River photos
I stopped in here for a beer. They weren't very friendly, so I didn't stay long. There is a brewery in Kernville, but this place did not have any of their beer. Huh?
Kernville. I walked around a bit and had lunch.
I leave Kernville and head out Hiway 155 to Delano (I will turn off to go to Porterville). One guy at a store said it was closed, or if open, chains required. I almost turned back when there was slush on the road and I had no feeling in my fingers. The center of the lane had snow.
This was the worst part. Almost no visibility from heavy wet fog, ice in the road. Freezing cold. I fear I will dump and be maimed at any moment! Will I die here? What an adventure!
But, soon I wind down the mountain and this is the scenery. No traffic, great road!
On the way to Porterville. Cattle country changing to oranges and vineyards.
This picture will mean nothing except to family. This is the house my Grandfather built and where my mother was raised. It used to be brown. It is in Exeter, about 20 miles or so from Porterville. Grandpa had 40 acres of grapes and oranges. At one time he owned his own packing house. I went to the Exeter cemetery, but could not find my Grandfather's grave. It is there somewhere.
I ride back to the hotel in Bakersfield. Great 280 mile ride! That evening we went to the Buck Owens Crystal Theatre for dinner and some good ol' country music! THE END