Berdoo Canyon/Joshua Tree National Park

January 10, 2009

We rode into Indio Friday afternoon, Jan. 9, 2009. The map shows our Saturday route. Green is dual sport route, blue is street bike route. We meet at Keys Point in the Park within minutes of each other.
We were not sure Tom would make to this pit stop on the way to Indio since he has a small 2 gallon tank. We are in Anza. He was on fumes (bike, not Tom).
Here is the gang: From left, Cody, John, Tom, Terry, James.
Photo taken by Cody's cell phone entering the Park.
Why do they call it Joshua Tree National Park? Ask Terry.
Saturday morning John, Tom and James are ready to ride Berdoo Canyon Rd.
Let's go!
Going through the canyon.
We have just come out of the canyon and James spills in some loose sand. Just a broken mirror. The BMW is heavy!
James had one more spill, but no harm done. Now we are seeing rock formations and of course, more Joshua trees.
We meet up at the lookout point. It is over 5000' here, cold and windy!
 Now we are on the way out of the Park.
Neat rocks here in the high desert Park.
We take a few photos and then head out of the Park. Nice ride!

The End