Oregon Sept 6 - Sept 13, 2008


After flying into Portland and getting our car, we head to Depoe Bay stopping on the way to see the Airplane Museum where the Spruce Goose is on display


Few more photos below....

Evelyn in front of the smallest airplane I have ever seen...cute eh?
This monster plane only flew once and only for a short distance
The closest Kingdom Hall is in Newport, 10 miles from our resort. Nice congregation
In front of the Ocean Aquarium
We fit right in
Don't look so thrilled!
They cook live crabs here and John ate fresh crab and oysters at this little Crab Shack
One old restored lighthouse in Newport
At the top of another lighthouse
View through glass at top of lighthouse
Only 105 more steps to go!
We had great weather, but they get nasty storms here and many boats have sunk off the coast. Lighthouse built 1872. Oregon's tallest one
View from Cape Foulweather
View from our condo balcony
Maybe we will throw some fish on the BBQ tonight
We end up at another Air Museum, this one in the world's largest wooden building. Used to house 8 blimps.
Some unusual planes, like these funny looking sea planes and a home-kit plane.
Now we are at the big Tillamook Cheese factory. We sampled their cheeses and ice cream.
One of the 9 lighthouses on the Oregon Coast. We have seen 3 so far.
Octopus Tree
Tuesday we get up early and drive to Astoria on the Columbia River to see historic homes and some sights. This "castle" was built by a lumber baron in 1898.
George Flavel House Museum. House built in 1886 in Astoria
We enjoyed the Columbia River Maritime Museum and then went on board this old Coast Guard ship. The entrance to the Columbia River is so dangerous because of currents, sand bars and weather that 2000 ships have sunk there and hundreds of crew died.
Astoria Column. Too bad it was closed for repairs and we couldn't go to the top. Still, great views.
At the Lewis and Clark National Site we toured the fort and then these "authentic" guides warned us to be prepared for a loud shot from muzzle loader. They tried four times and could not get it to fire. They were just a little embarrassed.
Tuesday night we stay in a motel in Seaside to avoid the 3 hour drive back to Depoe Bay. Then we leave early and arrive at this park to see another lighthouse on an island off the coast (not in photo).
When we get back to the Condo we just kick back and read and swim and watch the waves pounding on the rocks

Thursday, 9/11/08 we head South down the Oregon Coast visiting lighthouses and seeing the sites. We ended up seeing all 9 lighthouses on the Oregon Coast. One below left was beginning to be covered in fog.




















We hiked a half mile to see a lighthouse, but got a great view of the beach.
There are 40 miles of sand dunes along the beach. In many areas the dunes are in forest areas. The dunes can be 500 feet tall. OHVs have a blast.
Myrtle trees grow in a limited area and there are several shops that make things from the wood. We toured the factory of the oldest myrtlewood shop.
There just needs to be a pirate ship in this cove to make picture complete.
Yes, Evelyn likes to tour old historic homes. This one was built in 1898 by an Irish couple who had a dairy farm.
For lunch.....Tony's Crab Shack. Later, on the way back to our condo, we stopped for oysters and calamari at another crab shack.

On our last full day in Oregon we will hang around the resort, go to a seafood buffet and go to the meeting at the Hall.

The End