Let's Ride Saturday Afternoon to Borrego

Feb. 9. 2008

Mike Martin and I meet up in Descanso and head through the Cuyamacas to Julian and then down Banner grade to Borrego Springs. Perfect weather for riding. Air is clear after recent rains. He is riding his '07 BMW 650 and I am on my old beater the '98 Kawasaki 650.
Great vistas along the way.
Heading into Borrego Springs. I hope we can find a jeep trail to follow when we get there.
We were at a stop sign trying to figure out which way to go when an older guy on a Honda waived us to follow. We ended up on this 4 wheel drive road that crossed a stream and some washes and went into a canyon area. Some signs of desert plant life after the rains. Mike was concerned about the loose sand, but no spills!
We probably rode a couple miles at least into the desert on this road. It is nice to have bikes that are dual sport. Only street legal vehicles allowed here. But, no Harleys on this road!
This is a garden area with various desert plants. We headed back to pavement, found S22 and went West up the steep windy road toward Santa Ysabel, where we parted so Mike could return to Pine Valley and I could get back to El Cajon. Nice ride. I logged 190 miles.

The End