Fred, Mike & John's Ride to Big Bear Lake

October 31-November 2, 2008

We are on the way to Indio to kick off our much anticipated ride to Big Bear Lake. Fred is looking a little pekid as he is not very fond of heights and we are on the edge of the world looking down on the Palm Springs area. Mike and John are are encouraging him. "Don't look down!"
We just turned off Dillon Rd and are headed to Yucca Valley and then to Lucerne Valley and then up the mountain to Big Bear Lake. Look closely and you can see some of the many wind machines in the background.
A water stop on the way.
We made it to Big Bear Lake! We are proud of Fred as he wasn't sure he could handle the ascent up the mountain. He did great and he is a happy biker!
Mike wants to get his thermal underwear on as it is windy and chilly here.
Clowning around at the lake.

Back at the condo in Indio, the wiped out riders enjoy some eats and drinks with the wives. The boys rode 260 miles today. Yippee!
Now it's time to head home. Photo in front of condos in Indio. Nice day to far!
We're cool.
'Nough talking, let's ride!

On this ride we encountered desert heat, cold in Big Bear, strong cross winds by Salton Sea (John was NOT handling it well), headwind going up to Julian, heavy mist, light rain and patchy dense fog in mountains. Slippery roads. Only condition we missed was snow!


What a great ride!

The End