Arizona June 30-July 5, 2008


I will start riding from Sedona. We will just spend one day here seeing the area before I head off to Pinetop.

Heavy road construction makes getting around in Sedona....a pain!


Pretty impressive red rock formations all around the area. Every other business is named "Red Rock Something or Other".


Few more photos below....

The Princess
View of Sedona from the airport lookout.
View from a restaurant patio.
Now I head out of the 105 degree heat of Sedona into the Arizona mountains and head East on AZ-260 for the almost 200 mile ride through the cooler 7000 feet elevation.
I stop off the Hiway to visit a State Park to see some natural stone bridges and a canyon.
A "Natural Shower".
Arizona has some pretty areas.
Right about now the wind really starts up, I hear thunder, sky is darkening...

....but too late to get out of the way of an afternoon thunderstorm. I actually got cold...and wet. In a couple hours I went from extreme heat to ...shivering!

Wednesday I ride a loop from Show Low to Springerville to Fort Apache to Show Low and then back to Pinetop. 196 mile ride.

On the way to Springerville on AZ-60 I see this dirt road going up to this mountain that turns out to be an ancient cinder cone of black and red volcanic rock. Not a soul around.

Looking the other way you can see I am in the middle of no where. Flat prairie-like scenery. Once I leave Springerville, the scenery changes to thick forest. I watch a big lightning storm to the South as I ride through the mountains. I only got a few sprinkles. I meet Evelyn at Fort Apache to see General Crook's quarters and how his troops dealt with the local Apache Indians from 1871-1913.
Thursday I find "my road". A 15 mile stretch of dirt road between Vernon and McNaly through the forest. Nice riding!
Off that deserted road I find this narrow road. No one for miles.
Can you smell the pine scented air?
There are many Indians in the area, and yes, they have a casino. Hon-Dah. I kept looking for Toyo-Dah. :)
On the way to Indio from Pinetop Arizona.
Yippee! We made it to Worldmark in Indio despite the 110 degree temperature.
A couple pictures of Worldmark's largest resort
Float down this lazy river.

The End