John & Evelyn's Trip to Costa Rica March 11-18, 2007

Here are my initial observations about Costa Rica:
  1. People are poorer than I expected
  2. People are friendly and eager to assist
  3. Country drier than expected (but, we came in dry season)
  4. Tropical fruit is sensational!
  5. Staying in an all inclusive resort is cool.
Had to see the rain forest from the rain forest! So up the mountain for a half day zip line trip through the jungle........
In addition to going from tree top platform to platform by cable, we got to descend by rope in the canopy of the jungle.
Our trip included 11 cables. One was a half mile long and you could not see the ending platform. It took a full minute on that cable. I had a problem with the wind as it kept trying to blow me in circles while suspended from the cable.

I got bit on the elbow by something and my arm swelled up and turned red. A little better after 3 days. Yikes!

Beach uncrowded, but not especially impressive here. Water warm, but I have been sticking to the resort pools (swim up bars, etc.)
Pool volleyball at 10:00 every morning on days we stayed in (every other day)
The ocean view from our 3rd story balcony. This resort has over 300 rooms (hotel and condo). Many daily activities and entertainment options.
Now to a gondola ride into a greener rain forest. We did learn about the amazing balance of life in the forest and its many benefits.

Quiz: What is Costa Rica's #1 export?

Clue: not bananas or papayas or mangoes or sugar, although they do export those.

Check site again later to get answer :)

Endless varieties of plants. This is the "monkey tail" flower.
Now we have lunch and prepare to take a boat tour to see crocks and birds on a Costa Rica  river. All water comes from springs and rain, no snow here.
We observe 21 different kinds of birds and numerous crocodiles.
These dudes can get 18 feet long and weigh over 1000 pounds. We watched our guide feed half a chicken to a real big guy named Osama Bin Laden. Our boat bumped one sleeping by the beach and it moved out of the way real quick splashing water into our boat.