John & Evelyn's Trip to Colorado June 22-30, 2007

It's Friday afternoon June 22, 2007. John is taking off for Colorado. Evelyn and Betty will fly into Denver the following day and take a shuttle to the Resort in Dillon, Colorado.
When John passed through Baker, Ca he hit 112 degrees! But on the way back it was 115 in Laughlin.
Utah has many great rock formations and big sweeping vistas.
Colorful desert scenes.
Highway winds through the desert like a snake.
More rock formations jutting out of the landscape.
John arrives in Grand Junction Colorado and visits with the Wyatts.
Harry and Sherry in their backyard with friendly neighbor.
This guy is made out of old chrome bumper pieces!
The Indians and the settlers can't shoot this one.
At our resort in Dillon we are next to a fast moving stream. Lots of water here.
Monday June 25---time to ride. John did take a warm up ride Sunday afternoon over Loveland Pass. No problems riding in the thin air.
Almost half way up Pike's Peak.
Most of the road over half way up is dirt. Had to wait a few minutes for construction.
On the top of Pike's Peak. What a great day for the incredible views!
John gets winded walking around!
Just a few selected view photos.........
Another foot and it is a quick trip down the mountain!
One of many streams along the way back to Dillon. This was the longest single motorcycle riding day John ever did: 380 miles! Yes, sore butt!
Tuesday we take a drive to Georgetown, a historic silver mining town to view a couple restored homes of the elite of the day (1876).
Louis Deprey ran this French restaurant and hotel from 1877-1900. Rooms were expensive: $4.00 a night. Tour guide said that was like $500 a night today. He had a wine cellar with casks of wine from France and California. No miners stayed here. Only the mine owners or some successful traveling salesmen. (Photo taken from inside restaurant across the street)
Wednesday is the big ride to Rocky Mtn National Park and Estes Park. 250 mile loop
Great views along the way.
On one side of the divide it was clear and sunny. The other side was overcast and cool, Eerie sight seeing the clouds pushing up into the highest mountains.
Famous local brewery. One brew is called "Dam Straight". BTW they serve great wings!
Dillon Lake. Actually pretty big.
Let's follow this river and see where it goes.
Heading off road!
No one around. What a peaceful setting.
John followed this road until it really got rough so he went as far as he felt safe riding alone.


Great to ride the Rocky Mountains!

On the way to Vail from Leadville. I turn off the highway and find this trail, and discovered a hidden campsite in the woods.
The road follows the cliff and there is a spectacular view of a canyon.

Seen enough bike pictures yet?


Hey, it's a bike trip! Gotta get the trustee steed in the pictures!

By the Village in Vail.
One more bike picture. No more, promise!
Evelyn got to spend some time with her son, Randy, who is training horses in Parachute, CO.