John's Bike Trip June 2006 from Clear Lake to Eureka via Hiway 36

First thing is to check into the Worldmark Resort at Clear Lake. Evelyn had to check out the pool and the hot tub water temperature. It seems to be OK. We trailered the bike here in two days spending the night in Merced. Clear Lake is in Northern California 635 miles from home .
We took a little drive around the lake and rented Evelyn a car so she wouldn't have to drive the truck while I go riding for a few days. One night we went to a resort on the Lake to see the Beach Boys perform in an outdoor theatre. Those guys are still playing 409, Little Deuce Coupe and Surfer Girl after all these years! It was fun to watch the crowd made up of "old surfers".
Before I take off on my "dream ride", I putt around the lake on the bike. I find this nice dirt road and figure I'll ride it for a few miles. The road goes up a mountain and I get this view looking down on vineyards and the Lake.
My "little ride" turns into a 53 mile 1st and 2nd gear trek over the mountain into no man's land. Here the road winds down the backside of the mountain. Pretty rugged terrain.
I think I saw one other vehicle on the whole ride! Some big views.
Believe me, this is in the middle of no where land!
Some cows, quiet peace, and nice riding.
Next day I ride the un- eventful ride from the Lake to Red Bluff. I spend the night there and get up early for the "ultimate motorcycle ride". Hiway 36 from Red Bluff to Hiway 101. I will ride into Eureka in the early afternoon. It is Wednesday, June 21, 2006
The bike is ready to go!
Oh, yeah!
Nice wide sweepers and some tighter corners.
I'm a sucker for a dirt side road!
As the Hiway winds up into the mountains, I find this single lane paved side road lined with tall thick trees. I ride it for several miles and then return to Hiway 36.
Just ahead on the road I have to slow because of deer in the road.
Majestic forest views.
Looking back I see how far I have riden so far today from Red Bluff.
Much of the way I follow a river.
Next day.

Now I am heading South from Eureka through the Avenue of the Giants.    32 miles through the towering redwoods.

This is a WOW! scene. I am not barking up the wrong tree!
Another little side ride that goes to the river.
OK, I cut off on Hiway 1 which leads to the coast. Lots of tight twisties coming down to the Coast.

Hey, if I get tired of riding, I can direct traffic! I got lots of waves from Hiway workers!

I will ride along the Coast to Fort Bragg, then head East on Hiway 20 back to Clear Lake.


Unforgettable ride!

Here is the route from Clear Lake to Red Bluff to Eureka via Hiway 36 and then down to Fort Bragg and back to Clear Lake.


The End