John, Kenny and Brian's Camping Trip to Mammoth Lakes Labor Day Weekend 2006

Once we arrived at Mammoth Lakes, the first order of business is to see about getting a fire started. The boys are rookies here, but just wait, they will soon be PROS!
Soon they will know how to resurrect a dead fire into a blazing inferno!
But, now, a walk down to check out Sherwin Creek. Great fun!
Now to gather firewood for the evening camp fire. We don't want no sissy fire!
Yeah, this will burn!
This is a "pre-bee attack photo".
Next day, after the bee attack and recovery, we are off to hike the trail to Sherwin Lake- a mere two mile hike...straight up a mountain!
On the way we cross the stream.
We made it to Sherwin Lake. Really a pretty Lake.
Let's get the shoes off and get those hot puppies in the cool lake water!
Yeah! Nice lake!
It's cold, but who cares! Feels good!
I'm not sure what is happening here. Beached whale?
Now we are on the trail heading down the mountain. "I'm tired" "My legs hurt" Waa waa.
This is the next day. We are looking down on Twin Lakes at Mammoth Lakes. We are at 9000 feet elevation.
This is at Horseshoe Lake.
"I'm stuck!"
Now we are at the State Fish Hatchery. Millions of trout. Can we grab one?
This is at the Geological Hot Springs. It was closed for swimming because of eratic eruptions, but we hiked around and found hot water coming out of the ground. Also, many cool rocks the boys enjoyed finding.
What have we found here?

BTW, this is one of the 13 best trout streams in the USA. Limit: 0

It is catch and release only. Fly fishing.

OK, time for serious business. Let's start a campfire! Here it is before blast off! Well decorated!
Yeah! Flames licking the sky. We made all the other camp fires look pitifull! These are some proud fire starters.
Ten foot wall of fire! Created by: The Man of Fire (MOF), John the Torch, and Spark (later known as "The Flame")
Hangin' around the ol' campsite
At the Mammoth Lakes Kingdom Hall on Sunday.
Time for a little fishin'
Great cast!
We got bored with fishing, so let's go get in the icy lake!
Now, back at the campsite, we will build another great campfire!
On the way home we stop at the park in Bishop.
Here at Lone Pine on the way home, we stop to see Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the USA except for Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Can you pick it out?
We wanted to go to Death Valley, but no time. We'll have to die somewhere else :)



That's all, folks!!