Trip to New York and Bethel

October 2005

"Yes, in New York!

I am having my tea!"

'No way, This is NOT my plate. I am only having the banana".
"Come on buddy, howz about a deal?"
Hey, we're here and we are taking our city tour. So what it is cold and raining? More than a couple laughs from this crazy bunch!
The "Queen" has an audience.
"The whole world is MINE"
Ye ol' Brooklyn Bridge
Johnny, where did you get that tux? Harlem?


The happiest man on earth!

View from Bethel
Kenny, sooo serious!



Fun in the subway. Where the heck are we? High Street? I guess so!
Our tour guide.

Make your own caption here!



Bethel Fatigue?





At Patterson
This is the press?
"We have lift-off"
View from Empire State Building
Gotta be Central Park







The End