John & Evelyn's Trip to Sierra Foothills June 2005
Day 1 June 25, 2005
Ok, we are on the road to the Sierra foothills. Evelyn sees there is a historic covered bridge close by our highway. As we approach, we see two parking lots. One is for river rafting. It is packed full of cars. The other parking lot is for the historic bridge. Two cars. I guess that ages us a bit !!
Well, here it is. The longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi.
There is light at the end of the tunnel!!
A few bathers in the Stanislaus River.
Day 2 June 26, 2005
Sunday we attend the meeting at the Kingdom Hall in San Andreas Congregation.
Nice Hall.
Local museum in Angels Camp. Notice the horse drawn herse on the left.
Ol' Beth

New Beth.

(Not really. Never named the trusty steed...)

Roads of the day.......
Day 3 June 27, 2005
You've wondered to yourself- just gimme a fantastically curvy road with great pavement. No back road stuff, nor bumpy or in the middle of nowhere. Ready to dance?

Swan Lake, the Nutcracker- that sort of thing... Ever watched in awe as the ballerinas move in an effortless fluid motion. At times, they seem to float on air. Every motion of their bodies seems deliberate and purposeful.
This is Highway 26
Hey, it's a Dual Sport. Let's go off road for awhile! Miles from no where. Not a soul in sight, except for cows...
Stopping for a photo teaches me that my boots leak!
Middle of no where and I find a guy by the river, painting!
From West Point to Hiway 4. MY ROAD. No cars, just peaceful gorgeous riding. Wow.
This road was fun. Winding through the woods for miles and miles.
Is this really almost July?
Day 4 June 28, 2005
On the way to Lake Tahoe we stop at the Calveras Big Trees Park. Evelyn followed me in a rental car, but I arrived some time before she did. No getting stuck behind a logging truck for a guy on a bike!
Nice mile and half trail through the big trees.
Evelyn, watch out for the behemoth about to step on you!
Ah, the big trees......
It is not everyday that you can walk through a tree!
OK, back on the road to Tahoe.
We met here and ate lunch. Awesome mountain road.
Lake Tahoe. South Shore.
Gondola to the top!
View towards the Lake from our Tahoe condo.
View towards the back from our Tahoe condo.
Day 5 June 29, 2005
Yes, you may use the picture for your wallpaper.
On the way back to Angels Camp from Lake Tahoe.
Our town...
Since I arrived back at Angels Camp before Evelyn, I rested up and then toured a couple of local wineries.
Day 6 June 30, 2005
OK, this is Day 6. The BIG RIDE. 340 miles over Sonora Pass, over Tioga Pass, through Yosemite and back to Angels camp. Motorcyclists dream ride....
Approaching Sonora Pass. 9000 ft elevation.
I own this road!
I stopped in Bridgeport for coffee. About 9 a.m. That is Hiway 395 looking North. I will ride South over Conway Summit to Lee Vining and head West for Tioga Pass and Yosemite.
Quick 6 mile ride to Virginia Lakes. 10,000 feet here. Beautiful day.
Little Virginia Lake.
Do I like lakes?
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite. I swam here last trip here, but not this time!
Ok, we made it to Yosemite Valley. Evelyn drove into the Park from another way and we met for lunch,
After spending a few minutes tightening my bike chain and replacing a blown headlight fuse, I cool my feet in the Merced River before leaving Yosemite and riding back to our base at Angels Camp.
Day 7 July 1, 2005
No riding today after my big ride the day before. We relax and visit the Mercer Caverns. Steep ladders take us nearly 200 feet under ground.
Day 8 July 2, 2005
Now we visit my sister, Jean, at her home in Sacramento. What a hostess. We get the "royal" treatment..
How did I get the dart board centered behind Bob's head like that? Looks like a "bar halo".
Bob's award winning ribs and a bottle of wine. Life is good.

Fun with Segway!


Well, that's the trip.