John & Evelyn's Oahu Trip
June 27-July 4 2004
Here is the view from our room at the resort, The White Sands, two blocks from Waikiki beach.
Ah, the old hot tub....
" Two of my favorite things...reading in bed and being by the ocean!"
Now let's make fools of the guests at our welcome party!
Life is rough...
Lounging at the ol' lagoon
Reading? or Watching bikinis?
Marriott pool
View from Nuuanu Pali lookout.
We did one day at Hanama Bay.
Your basic Hawaiian Beach
Dole pineapples far as you can see.
Where else can you go and pay extra for pineapple yogurt?
A local tipped us off to this snorkeling place: Shark's Cove. The best snorkeling. We drove here three days in a row even though it was an hour drive each way. This is on the North Shore. Too rough in winter here. Saw turtles and lots of fish.
Gotta get in a little shopping...
Then, a dinner show before we go.
So long Hawaii.. until next year...