John's Grand Canyon Ride May 11, 2003



OK, let's plan the trip. We'll leave Flagstaff Sunday about 9 a.m. We'll head up Hiway 180 through the forest. A quick side trip up to Snow Bowl then back to 180. This will meet up with Hiway 64 about 30 miles South of the Park. Then we'll cruise around the S. rim of the Canyon and head back on Hiway 89. The big loop will take us 200 miles and get us back to Flagstaff a little after 3 p.m. with some time to take in the view.

This is Snow Bowl, the popular ski resort. Flagstaff is at 7000 feet and this is way up the mountain maybe 10K feet? I got off the bike and got dizzy. As I got back on to go down the mountain----here comes a guy pedaling a bicycle! How does he do that? I can hardly walk!


Just back up a little more.....

At the Ranger Station they said surprisingly few visitors fall over. But the ones that do...well, they don't come back. It's a long way to the bottom!

This is shortly after arriving at one of the lookout parking lots in Grand Canyon National Park.


On that trail you see below are two mule trains. You can't see them in the photo and they looked like ants from the top. And that trail is not on the bottom. It ends at another lookout point.


I hope that girl doesn't slip. Nice spot to do some serious meditating. It is a breathtaking view.



Puttin' around south Rim near Desert View.



'Nother view

A friend said to me, "Don't just be a tourist and look into the canyon and go home. Hike down there so you can say you've realy seen the place."

I think I'll be happy being a "tourist".



An old Navajo watchtower at Desert View on the south Rim

View of Colorado River from Desert View location

On the way back












Stopped to take a break on the way home next to an onion field, somewhere near Blythe. Very aromatic.

Well, that's the tour!