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Camping Trip to the High Sierras

August 26-31, 2000

August 31, 2000

Ah, finished my service time for the year. A few days left over for some recreation! So good to rest up, have a change of pace and mentally prepare for the new service year.

I returned today from the camping trip to Mammoth Lakes in the High Sierra. It was a bitter/sweet trip.

The sweet:
The brothers I took (Rick Collins and Korey Scott) had a good time.
We attended the bookstudy at the new Hall in Mammoth.
We saw a lot of Jehovah's beautiful creation.
We hiked.
We swam in the hot creek.
We did not die.

The bitter:
Lightning started a big fire real close to our campsite and the entire campground was evacuated for 8 hours. Note: we did not lose our tent. (sweet)
It rained most of the time we were there.
I melted my shoes trying to dry them by the fire.
I got a real bad head cold and sneezed, coughed and blew my nose beet red. Ate Excedrin like candy. Felt miserable the whole time.
We got lost on a hike and pioneered a new trail through heavy brush in the rain soaking wet. (My rainproof jacket thought it was a sponge.)
A bear ripped into a tent next to our site. The whole family jumped into their vehicle and sped off abandoning their new 3 room tent and all their camping gear.
Our tent leaked.
Paid $2.20/gallon for gas. (When gas was $1.65)
Didn't catch any fish.
Rushed home to go to work and didn't have to work...........

And now I am ready for the new service year.


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