Let's go to
Sept. 2-17, 1999

(above)  View on the way to Homer, AK
(left) Jerry and his boat to take John halibut fishing. Homer claims to be the halibut capital of the world. Record fish caught: 340+ lbs.

(left) Would you trust your fish to this man? John's "whoppers" weighed in at 15 and 14 lbs. Good enough for 14 lbs of filets.(right) The happy couple are ready to CRUISE on the Ryndam

(right) A tour of the ship's kitchen shows preparation for lunch. Nearly 6000 meals a day served.

(below) Table set for dinner

(right) Lobster again?
Average weight gained on cruise: 1 lb. a day minimum. So..........
(left) Everybody off, you gluttons! You want the ship to sink?
Actually we are disembarking at one of our port-o-calls. We stopped at Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan before arriving in
Vancouver, B.C.

(left) OK, you can board again. But, go to the gym or swim it off in the pool. John swam twice a day in this pool.
(right) How did you get so close to that glacier?

(left) The Mendanhall Glacier near Juneau. The ice is several times denser than regular ice. Still, I think the whole glacier would last 15 minutes on an El Cajon summer day!
(right) Ketchikan, AK

(left) No trip to Alaska is complete without a visit to the infamous Red Dog Saloon. About 3 inches of sawdust on the floor and various animal carcasses on the walls and ceiling.
(right) A view of Whistler, B.C. Canada from a mountain top reached by tram.

(left and far left) A long suspension bridge crossing a deep gorge near Vancouver.
"Attention! Attention! Please do not shake the bridge! Do not jump up and down!"

(left) We took a couple of great hikes through woods like these in Canada. This trail went to a very nice lake. This trail was 3 km each way. A sign said bears were spotted daily here, but a ranger said none were seen for a couple of weeks. Oh darn!